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Mitochontrial medicine


The mitochondria are complex and an understanding of a dysfunction of the mitochondria is not a simple task. But it is an important task because the mitochondria are organelles in each cell that produce energy for all cellular functions. Mitochondrial disorders are largely due to a defect somewhere along the mitochondrial respiratory chain, which is […]

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Memories are important. They teach us lessons, give us perspective, and make sense of our lives. Memories are all we have for times past. But how can we ensure we will retain those memories and keep the ability to make more? Nutrition. Avoid pro-inflammatory foods. Inflammation is toxic to the body and the brain. Reducing […]

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Detoxification—Why It Is Important We are exposed to thousands of chemicals on a daily basis through our air, food and water. Sources of these chemical exposures in our environment include pesticides, insect repellents, flame retardants, plasticizers, solvents, household cleaners and various industrial preservatives. As many as 80,000 commercial and industrial chemicals are used in the […]

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Let’s Talk About Your Mitochondria

What are mitochondria and what role do they play in our health? Mitochondria are organelles in every cell of our body and they produce the energy for that cell and, by extension, for the organ of which that cell resides. Depending upon how metabolically active the organ is will dictate how many mitochondria are in […]

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KETOGENIC DIET: WHAT I TELL MY PATIENTS WHEN THEY ASK Rules on what to eat can be confusing for many as there are many dietary approaches that are touted to be beneficial to your health and your waistlines yet often conflict with one another with regards to what one should eat. I am often asked […]

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Diabetic Neuropathy

Diabetes is the leading cause of peripheral polyneuropathy and consist of a variety of syndromes resulting from generalized, focal, or multifocal damage to peripheral (both motor and sensory) or cranial nerves. There is great variability in the reported prevalence ranging from 10% to 80% which reveals a problem with diagnostic accuracy. Symptoms are often insidious in […]

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Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative Medicine and the Differences in Injection Therapies The goal of regenerative medicine is finding equilibrium between repair and breakdown in the body. The body has constant regenerative processes, based in the constant turnover of cells in all tissues of the body. Osteoarthritis, tendinopathies, and ligamentous tears that do not heal are examples of when […]

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Get Some Sleep

Sleep can sometimes be elusive. We yearn for it, but it often cannot be found. But sleep is critical for a healthy brain. We need sleep. Humans are circadian beings and evolved to require a certain rhythm which includes healthy sleep patterns. Without sleep, we cannot learn, remember, feel, or function. It must be important […]

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Many health discussions focus on coronary artery disease, commonly referred to as simply heart disease. And this is an important discussion because it can help many prevent a heart attack. Just as importantly, the vessels that feed the brain, known as cerebral vasculature, are just as vulnerable as the vessels that feed the heart. The […]

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How I Healed from Brain Surgery

  In the summer of 2015, I underwent brain surgery for a rather large meningioma in my left frontal lobe. It was causing a huge amount of swelling and what we in the neurology field refer to as “mass effect” and “midline shift” which is shoptalk for one lobe was pushing on another lobe and the left […]

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