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What IS Integrative Neurology?

I see Integrative Neurology as the best of both worlds and I have witnessed the powerful effects of many alternative therapies on patients with and without “conventional” treatment. Just as each patient experiences each neurologic disease differently with regard to symptoms and course of treatment, each integrative treatment plan is specifically tailored for the patient. One size does not fit all, especially when it comes to our health and well-being.

Conventional, or allopathic care, is what we have all come to expect when we go to see our doctors. It most commonly involves the use of pharmaceuticals but can also include injections, infusions, surgery, or physical therapy. This kind of treatment is evidenced-based and really does work for the majority of patients. But it doesn’t work for all and it does not come without problems, usually in the form of side effects. Some of these can be intolerable and some even life-threatening.

Alternative medicine, on the other hand, has historically not been offered to patients by allopathic (MD/DO) physicians. Also called complementary, these treatments include such modalities as acupuncture, medicinal plant formulations, supplements, nutritional-based medicine, massage therapies, biofeedback, stress management, physical exercise and movement, and meditation. These treatment modalities can have a profound effect not only on the ability of the patient to manage the disease but on the disease process itself.

Integrative neurology focuses on a holistic view of the neurology patient. It is the practice of addressing the disease, the symptoms, the origins, and the patient’s quality of life. Sometimes conventional treatments take priority, other times alternative treatments do, but often a combination of both approaches is called for. Integrative neurology sees the patient as a functional individual and the approach is tailored to improve that individual’s funtionality.

At the Center for Healing Neurology, we have both the knowledge and experience of utilizing both forms of treatment. We strive to help the patient find a more optimal balance in their health and well-being. We have seen the power of alternative treatments alone or used with more conventional treatments for neurological disease including migraines, epilepsy, vasculopathies, chronic pain and inflammation, post-stroke, anxiety, neuropathies, and autoimmunity, to name a few. While not all diseases can be cured, most symptoms can be well managed using the best of both medical worlds.

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