Image of Deirdre Gately, PA-C at the Center for Healing Neurology in Seattle, WA.

Migraine Treatment and Relief

What is a migraine?

A migraine is a severe, debilitating headache that afflicts millions of people across this country. Typically associated with nausea, vomiting, often light and noise sensitivity and it absolutely interferes with the quality of a person’s life. My name’s Deirdre Gately. I’m a physician’s assistant at the Center for Healing Neurology.

What are common complaints?

The main complaint is, for patients with migraines, is typically pain and disruption of their life. There’s missed workdays, there’s missed time with family and friends. Life is halted.

Our approach to migraine treatments.

The approach I take to management of migraines is a whole person approach. So, the initial consult we really dive into what are their behavioral patterns. We use natural approaches, supplements, and herbs to help treat that and pharmacologics when necessary. The most important thing is improving the quality of life of our patients and helping them get back to where they used to be and want to be.

Patient’s response to treatment.

Common reports from patients after successful treatment of their migraines are how much more energized they feel, not even recognizing how draining the constant chronic pain really impacted them. How much more joy they find in life. Yea, they are just who they used to be and forgot. One patient in particular who’s actually a teenage girl, who had terrible migraines, she had to quit her after-school activities, she was falling behind. She had been a straight-A student; she was falling behind on her school work. She was missing multiple days of school and when she came in to me it took a few visits but we eventually got her on an excellent program, so she’s back in all her after school activities, she’s a competitive athlete, she’s back to her straight-A status and enjoying time with her friends as every teenager should, yea. Migraines don’t have to be expensive to treat, and the treatment can be life-changing.

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