CHN COVID-19 Support Protocol

By now, we are more widely recognizing that COVID-19 is upon us. If we haven’t been exposed to it, we likely will in the future. This is not a question of ‘if’ but ‘when’ with the goal of slowing this spread to share resources and save lives.

When we are exposed, we want our immune system to be as prepared as it can be. This means that we produce an accurate immune response to this novel viral threat. It is precisely the over-active immune response that can cause so much damage. Getting stuck in traffic when you are tired, hungry and in a big rush can result in higher levels of road-rage which can ultimately be dangerous. Getting stuck in traffic when you’ve got time to get to your destination and a great podcast (like Podcast for Healing Neurology’s #11 with Matia Indigo Jones!) might change your plans but not derail your life. This is our goal- get your immune system rested and primed for an appropriate level of response to weather this storm.

How can you do that? Many articles and websites already extoll the foundational components of sleep, diet, and mental exercises to relax the mind. We talk about this also in our newsletter on COVID-19 HERE.

But what else can a person do? Let’s get to it. Based on our clinic’s expertise in neurology, toxicology, mitochondrial metabolism and Functional Medicine, we recommend the following as a general protocol safe for most people. For any prescriptions (peptides, IV therapies), you’ll need to schedule with us for an evaluation.

Center for Healing Neurology COVID-19 Prevention Support Protocol

  • Tonic water for the quinine so that we can leave the hydroxychloroquine for immune-compromised patients who really need this drug!
  • Lysine 1 gram twice daily
  • Zinc oxide 80mg daily
  • N-acetyl cysteine (NAC, the precursor to glutathione) 1 gram twice daily
  • Vitamin D 4000 IU daily
  • Vitamin C 1000 mg oral daily or Vitamin C 10 grams IV once weekly. Remember that higher doses or oral vitamin C can lead to loose stools.
  • Peptides are biosimilar protein strings that mimic natural peptides already in the body. They are generally very well tolerated. Check out Podcast for Healing Neurology episode #9 with Ryan Smith for more information about these compounded pharmaceuticals.
    • Thymosin Alpha 1 to modulate the body’s immune response; helping the immune system to be smarter without being suppressed. This is an injectable taken daily x 1-3+ months or in a higher dose over 3 days.
    • LL37 is an antimicrobial peptide that can be a first line of defense including as a preventative, for viral and bacterial infection. This is also a daily injectable.
    • Selank nasal spray functions both as an anti-viral and for mood and cognitive support for anxiety and pain. If you’re not wanting to do injections, this is an easy way to support anti-viral activity with a non-invasive administration technique.

For more intensive treatments, we also utilize exosomes, IVIG (immunoglobulin G), and stem cell therapy. Call us for more information regarding these treatments.

Remember that we evolved right along side viruses. It’s like meeting a new person that’s a difficult personality but this is not a new species of animal.

Stay tuned. More to come.

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