VASPER therapy and its Healing Powers

VASPER offers incredible benefits by three principles: (1) Cooling, (2) Compression, and (3) Electricity. It is applicable for all including those who have not exercised to those of elite fitness status. It has been shown to help muscle and brain injury as well as improve mitochondrial bioenergetics and production of stem cells.

1. Our blood comprises 8% of our body weight. With intense exercise, a significant amount of blood is shunted to the skin, our biggest organ. The skin contains 6.5 million pores and blood is shunted to cool the body from heat generated within. This leaves less blood for the muscles resulting in microtears with intense exercise due to local heat generation which now cannot be cooled due to low blood supply. This results in delayed muscle soreness.

The cooling aspect of Vasper, which does not really cool the blood but rather maintain homeostatic body temperature, can prevent delayed muscle soreness. In fact, with stable temperature, the blood retains more blood oxygen as well and VO2max will increase.

2. The compression provided by Vasper combined with low impact exercise concentrates the lactate in the muscle tissue and allows increased levels to be detected by the pituitary gland. Not only does this repair overtraining but also increases quality of sleep by decreasing nighttime cortisol. This improved, restorative sleep allows for more optimal secretion of growth hormone during the night.

Children can easily concentrate lactate in their muscle tissue. The higher concentration of lactate in the blood, the stronger feedback to the pituitary gland to produce growth hormone. Children have high levels of growth hormone because they are growing and it is further boosted by their increased level of activity compared to adults. They are able to repair their bodies in real time and sleep well at night. This is important because the pituitary secretes ~50% of this hormone between the 2nd and 3rd stages of sleep.

As we age, our leg muscles hold more “real estate” and we lose the time to be active most of the day as obligations and responsibilities pile up. This results in a weaker signal to the pituitary gland for hormone secretion and muscle repair. We are also at our genetically predetermined height so natural secretion of growth hormone is decreased. Aches, pains, and trauma no longer easily resolve and we can lose muscle tissue and lower blood supply.

3. Static electricity is inflammatory energy stored inside of body. The rubber soles of our shoes do not allow us to release it to the earth and this chronic inflammation can lead to autoimmunity.

On the Vasper, your feet are resting on brass plates. Underneath the brass plates are copper tubes filled with water that take the electricity out of our bodies body and bring back negative electrons that neutralize our electrical balance.

Vasper can be a very important part of your health regimen. Please speak to your physician to know if its right for you.

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