VASPER therapy and its Healing Powers

VASPER offers incredible benefits by three principles: (1) Cooling, (2) Compression, and (3) Electricity. It is applicable for all including those who have not exercised to those of elite fitness status. It has been shown to help muscle and brain injury as well as improve mitochondrial bioenergetics and production of stem cells. 1. Our blood […]

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Nature path

Healing Long-Haul COVID-19

Symptoms of long-haul COVID-19 An unfortunate number of patients (an estimated 10-33%) who have had COVID-19, even mild cases, appear to be developing a post-viral syndrome that including, but not limited to, the following persistent symptoms: Racing heart Crushing fatigue Dysautonomia or dizziness when standing Gut issues Changes in taste Joint and muscle pain Insomnia […]

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Traditional medicine bowl with essential oils and mint


At the Center for Healing Neurology, we believe integrative medicine, an approach that combines traditional and alternative care, best addresses the root causes of disease and creates a clear path to optimal health. Our services include pharmaceuticals, Ayurvedic medicine, infusions, non-invasive procedures, imaging, and regenerative medicine. We specialize in providing the knowledge and tools necessary […]

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