Healthier Living Retreats

Enjoy two and a half days at Harmony Hill Retreat Center in the picturesque Pacific Northwest to begin your life-changing journey. Dr. Ehrlich and Dr. Ruhoy will awaken your body through movement and inspire your mind through meditation and visualization. They will teach you how to define your health goals and then achieve them through a better understanding of your own neurology, gut health, and environment. Integrating the best of Functional Medicine, board-certified medical training, and Ayurveda, you’ll learn how to detoxify safely, lower your toxin burden, and boost your mitochondrial function.

Gillian ElrichGillian Elrich, DNP, ARNP Family Nurse Practitioner, Certified in Ayurveda & Functional Medicine
Ilene S. Ruhoy, MD, PhD Board Certified Neurologist, Certified in Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine

On-line Community

COMING in 2020, the Adarsha Institute will launch its first-of-a-kind “health-media” community. We’ll be the home for content intended to help the health-conscious, as well as those who are struggling to find healing solutions to their health conditions. Members will access credibly-managed support groups not found on social media platforms with NO data being sold and NO targeted advertising. They will also have access to information about upcoming retreats, online group visits, video health-talks, and much more.

The Adarsha Clinic

Based in Seattle, Washington, the Adarsha Clinic delivers Constellation Medicine, where known and emerging science is applied to root-cause healing of the whole person. We recognize that our understanding of the nervous system as being the brain, spinal cord and peripheral nerves has been blown open by recent research and we are awash in new information on genetics, neuroplasticity, mitochondrial behavior, and the environmental impact of our diet, lifestyle, pollution, viruses, microbiome, and the make-up of the mind.

Research and Education

The world’s health delivery ecosystems are encumbered by traditional practices, parochial behavior, and confusing economics. The Adarsha Institute’s vision for 2025 is to take what is known by science with what is being learned through practice and use evidence-based new knowledge to teach other healthcare providers how to translate this research into practice that will deliver better health. Because we believe our members have taken ownership for their own health, we will work to remain their best source of both established and developing health information.

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