Hands of children students holding pieaces of jiwsaw together as a symbol for autism or teamwork in school.Autism

Autism represents a constellation of symptoms which have traditionally been focused on communication, relationships, connection and neurological symptoms but really can encompass every aspect of the body, especially in terms of the gut, digestion, skin, etc. We take a holistic and systematic approach to address symptoms and dive deep to look for potential underlying triggers. We value diet and lifestyle approaches and also may employ vitamins, minerals, herbs, pharmaceuticals and other treatment regimens as they are appropriate. Our treatment program, which continues to evolve, heavily utilizes diagnostic testing, some of which is covered by insurance and some of which incurs out-of-pocket costs. Determining the best route for your child and your family is a collaborative process. There is no singular protocol guaranteed to work for any given patient, and our work together may take some time. We are committed in our efforts to improve the neurodevelopmental trajectory of your child.