Artist rendering of nerves.The Center for Healing Neurology in Seattle offers a full autonomic laboratory including quantitative sweat measurement system, and beat-to-beat blood pressure acquisition for testing of cardiovagal (parasympathetic) function, adrenergic (sympathetic) function, and sudomotor axon reflex function. These autonomic tests are non-invasive, easy to perform, and offer important and useful objective information on the health of your autonomic nervous system. We also perform skin biopsies to assess the health of your small fibers of the peripheral nervous system – an important piece to autonomic dysfunction.

Our autonomic nervous system maintains our internal milieu and assists our brains and bodies to function day-to-day by managing blood pressure, heart rate, breathing, sweating, transport of substances to all organ systems, and our GI function including digestion of nutrients. When we have autonomic dysfunction, we can experience a variety of symptoms including dizziness, lightheadedness, abnormal sweating, palpitations, fainting, fatigue, and even nausea and irritable bowel symptoms. Without a normal functioning autonomic nervous system, adjusting our performance to the external and internal stimuli becomes difficult and creates further burden on the body.

The Center for Healing Neurology can help diagnose, guide, treat, and manage autonomic dysfunction.

Photo © geralt, available under Creative Commons CCO.