Detox Your Brain

Detoxification seems to be a buzz word these days. It is certainly a key phrase that gets people’s attention. But what is detoxification? What does it mean to detoxify? And how is our brain involved? Physiologically, detoxification is an essential cellular function that without the means to do so would be incompatible with life, at […]

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How Leaky Gut Connects to Leaky Brain

Written by Carley Squires, ND, LAc There is a two-way communication between the brain and the gastrointestinal tract often referred to as the “brain–gut axis,” so it makes sense that increased inflammation in one would result in inflammation of the other. But, how do we get inflammation in the gut or brain? And, how exactly […]

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“Brain fog” is a phrase commonly used by patients when they are trying to describe a lack of mental clarity, a mild confusion, a loss of focus and attention, poor concentration, or even just a generalized sense of not feeling well. As a neurologist, it is of course my obligation to ensure nothing serious is […]

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