garden with produce

Container Gardening

Container gardening is an easy, attractive, and low investment way to bring the freshest vegetables to your doorstep, literally.  I love stepping onto my porch in the morning to harvest chives, oregano, thyme, a few leaves of rainbow chard, and some edible flowers to garnish my morning scramble. Having these superfoods grow right outside my […]

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Hands holding soil

Soil Microbes: Nature heals

Nature heals. This can sound like a poetic and sweet sentiment, that may leave some of us wanting more actionable statements. Although lacking in poetry, I’ve got one for you: The common soil microbe Mycobacterium vaccae has been shown to alleviate depression. Yes, dirt is an antidepressant. This soilborne bacterium is transdermal, meaning it soaks through […]

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Springtime is when our bodies want to detox from winter’s stagnation, heavy foods, and particularly this last winter, excess stress. Happily, the spring landscape is flush with medicinal bitter herbs to help us with this seasonal clean out. My favorite is the dandelion. Bitter herbs, in general, detoxify the body, tone organs, and help alleviate […]

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Sprouting for health

Are you wanting fresh, local, superfood outside of the growing season? In the middle of a city? Grown in your own kitchen? At a super affordable price? Sprouting is an elegant solution. Eating sprouts is wonderful for boosting immunity, reducing inflammation, neutralizing free radicals, and improving digestion. This super food is high in chlorophyl, Vitamins […]

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