head-254863_640.jpgAt the Center for Healing Neurology in Seattle, we are proud to offer high quality neurological care for all ages, from 3 years old and older.

Our ability to offer both child neurological and adult neurological treatment is a unique aspect to our practice. Our integrative neurology services includes care for migraines and other headache disorders, seizures disorders, acute and chronic concussion and traumatic brain injury care, autoimmune neurology, muscle and nerve disease, post-stroke brain rehabilitation, vertigo and dizziness, and much more. Our approach incorporates the best of diagnostic technology, clinical acumen, and management of pharmaceutical, herbal, and lifestyle options to help our patients, no matter their age.

For more information about our neurological services for children or adults, contact us at (206) 379-1213 to schedule an appointment.

Photo © kalhh, available under Creative Commons CCO.