Headache clinic - doctor writing treatmentsPersonalized Headache & Migraine Treatment Plans

Those who suffer with severe or chronic headaches or migraines are often coping with unusual amounts of stress, depression and anxiety, so a visit to our clinic will start with a detailed questionnaire so we can better understand your pain and your challenges. The next step is an evaluation by one of our physicians, who will use your questionnaire and further talk with and exam you and then develop a headache treatment and management plan specifically for you.

Treatments include techniques such as neurofeedback, cognitive behavioral therapy, relaxation training and stress management can be as effective as medication in the treatment of headaches or migraines. They can also make medication work more effectively. We help you learn to manage stress by focusing on your heart rate, blood pressure, circulation, muscle tension and breathing to avoid headaches and reduce headache pain. Some approaches such as relaxation practice and stress management can be learned and practiced independently.

Further treatments includes injections, nerve blocks, and trigger point therapy. Our trained clinicians provide botulinum toxin (Botox) injections, an approved therapy for the treatment of chronic migraine. Occipital and other peripheral nerve blocks are injections that involve a local anesthetic and occasionally a steroid for patients that suffer from various types of headache disorders. These injections are performed in the clinic, and the patient, after a few minutes of observation, can return to his or her daily routine afterward. A trigger point (a knot that forms when a muscle fails to relax) can often be felt under the skin. When trigger points are located in the neck, shoulders and upper back, these muscles contribute significantly to certain types of headache by trapping or irritating surrounding nerves and causing “referred” pain that is felt in another part of the body. Trigger point injections treat extremely painful areas of muscle and alleviate myofascial pain syndrome (chronic pain involving tissue that surrounds muscle) that does not respond to other treatment. They are also helpful in treating headaches by relaxing the muscles that may contribute to pain.

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