Matia Indigo JonesMatia has spent the entirety of her life examining the interplay between human health and wellbeing and landscape health and wellbeing. She was born in a log cabin on an off-grid organic farm in North Central Washington. Since then, holistic health care and land stewardship have been major themes interweaving all aspects of her life.

She graduated from Port Townsend School of Massage in 2003 and built her practice around healing embodied trauma. She also farmed for 10 years, using regenerative agricultural practices to nurse depleted fields back to health. In 2010 she earned her BA from Fairhaven College with an interdisciplinary degree entitled ‘Wellness’ which consisted of premed and social and environmental justice as preventative health care. Nutrition and healthy food access were major themes. She ran the Bellingham Food Bank Farm for years and taught numerous nutrition and cooking classes for marginalized populations. In 2020 she earned her MA in Medical Anthropology with a focus on large scale food systems and policies that support food sovereignty. She has taught Human Ecology and Internal and External Ecologies, and Biological Anthropology at Fairhaven College and Western Washington University respectively.

Throughout all of this work she also healed numerous chronic health issues of her own. She is deeply passionate about helping clients and students heal while simultaneously understanding their healing as an integral part of increasing the health and wellbeing of our entire culture and planet.