Mito Facials

Mitochondria do not just power the brain. They are responsible for the energy production in every cell of your body.  As you age, all your cells age, most notably your skin.  To help boost your mitochondria and fight the effects of aging, we are happy to introduce our Mito Facials!

Starting July 1st, 2019 we will be offering the following:

  1. The Mito Basic Facial: We use nutrient rich serum infused with vitamins to help support existing mitochondria and their function.  Recommended every 6-8 weeks.  $450
  2. PRP Mito-Facial: We extract and isolate the rich nutrients produced by your own body, saving the platelets and growth factors so vital for the support and rejuvenation of the mitochondria within your skin cells. Three PRP Mitofacials provide two years of lasting benefit.  $750 per facial
  3. Stromal Vascular Fraction (SVF) Facial: The ultimate mitochondrial facial!  Utilizing your own mesenchymal stem cells derived from your unwanted adipose tissue, we infuse your skin with stem cells which have been shown to transfer their young and robust mitochondria to skin and dying skin cells. One Mito ultimate facial will last 5 years!  $5,000

The following can be added on to any of the above facials:

  • Topical Nitric Oxide: A twice daily topical application that will enhance the blood flow to your skin cells allowing for improved detoxification and nutrient delivery  $150
  • Red laser light therapy: Facial, Eyes, Decolletage  $175
  • Mitochondrial IV infusion: To boost the health of all of your vital mitochondria  $240
  • Detox Package  $100

Call today 206-379-1213 for more details and to start your journey to a younger healthier you!