We are partners in your health.

At the Center for Healing Neurology, we take the time to get to know you to uncover the true source of disease and imbalance and help guide your body back to its natural state of homeostasis and harmony.

Initial in-clinic consultations include history, examination, and discussion. We will ask questions about your family, medical history, diet, exercise, and sleep habits. We will also inquire about your emotional and spiritual health—from traumas to personal journeys and experiences—because we believe your life story gives us critical insight into who you are and why you are here. Depending upon our findings, we may recommend tests such as blood, urine, and imaging. Together, we will create and discuss a follow-up plan, which will include any treatment options for immediate symptom relief, potential side effects of treatments, diagnostic scheduling, and what to expect at your next visit.


Although our clinic is based in Seattle, we also offer telemedicine appointments.


We do not bill any insurances and are happy to provide a superbill after your appointment. Costs vary by provider.

Patient Portal

Cerbo Patient Portal

Our new electronic health record, Cerbo, is here! It replaced Practice Fusion (including the Patient Fusion portal) as of December 28. We are thrilled for all of the new features with which to better serve you, including integrated telemedicine, direct billing and accounting (including superbills), and the ability to release records to you through the portal. Cerbo also provides a 15% discount on FullScript supplements directly through the portal.

If you are a current patient seen in the last year at our clinic (telemedicine or in-clinic), you should have received an email invitation to connect to the new portal. If you have not been seen in the last year or if you are a new patient, you may register on the new patient portal.

Our goal is to have an open, honest, and sensitive conversation with you regarding your thoughts, fears, and hopes as we move forward on your journey to optimal health.