CNS Vital Signs logoCHN now offers in-office & remote (online) neurocognitive testing with CNS Vital Signs! 

As a clear and healthy mind is one of the most fundamental drivers for a good quality of life, the Center for Healing Neurology offers evidence-based neurocognitive testing that you can complete in our office or in the convenience and quiet of your own home via a remote website link. The program, CNS Vital Signs, objectively assesses multiple cognitive domains in order to identify any patterns of neurocognitive and/or neurobehavioral impairment towards which to target further work up and/or treatment. The assessment platform is HIPPA (privacy) compliant to maintain secure and systematic documentation of the clinical data. Although we may recommend this testing as part of a cognitive work up, you may also self-refer and purchase here the testing and 30-minute follow up review, which can also be completed in person at our office or online through an online telemedicine video call (also HIPPA compliant). One follow-up visit is required to discuss validity and meaning of the results. Neither the testing or review can be diagnostic of any condition.

CNS VS can be utilized to:

  • Establish a baseline for your neurocognitive status.
  • Objectively measure clinical concerns about compromise in multiple cognitive domains.
  • Monitor neurocognitive status when risk is present, such as familial dementia or Alzheimer’s or known exposure to neurotoxic agents, or just with aging, as a trigger to initiate further evaluation.
  • Track interventional impact over time to establish if a treatment plan is or is not working.
  • Optimize mental and cognitive function when you need to get and stay at the top of your game. If there are one or two domains which can be strengthened,
  • Get a one-time curiosity check.

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