CNS Vital SignsSecond Opinion Clinic

Center for Healing Neurology recognizes that our unique perspective from the integrative neurology, environmental toxicology, neuromuscular & mitochondrial specialty, functional medicine and Ayurvedic perspectives may offer new insight into chronic symptoms from which standard approaches have not offered relief.

We are newly offering a Second Opinion Clinic service in which you collect and send all of your previous records, labs, pathology reports and any other evaluation you’d like to include, and we will quote an hourly estimate for the review and report. The service includes a 30-minute phone conversation to fill in any needed gaps, from which we will produce a report with our evaluation and summary. You are welcome to send one group of up to 3 follow-up questions within 30 days of receiving the report. While this is not diagnostic, nor can we prescribe treatment, you will deepen your understanding of the process, status and possible trajectory options for your condition, health and life.