The Cell Danger Response: Full Healing Cycle

Mitochondria: The Energy/Fatigue Discussion

The Cell Danger Response describes the physical cascade of changes that occur when our system perceives, responds & recovers from danger. It turns out, it’s the perception of danger that triggers this cascade, meaning even a memory can be a trigger. With a focus on full resolution of this cycle, we heal. With persistent cell danger perception, we develop chronic illness of all types. Join us to hear about what these changes are, how the ancient Ayurvedic concept of Rasayana applies, and discuss ways we can address this cycle to completion to avoid (or resolve) all chronic disease.

As always, all questions welcome and discussion encouraged.

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A team rooted in integrative neurology, environmental toxicology, mitochondrial specialty, Functional Medicine, & Ayurveda.

Ilene Ruhoy, MD, PhD
Deirdre Gately, PA-C
Gillian Ehrlich, DNP, IFMCP

Ilene Ruhoy Deirdre Gately Gillian Ehrlich