Past webinars

Webinar: What’s in my meds?
Thursday, February 4, 3-5 PM EST

At the Center of Healing Neurology, we’re committed to addressing all the contributing factors of inflammation and illness–including the ingredients in your medications and supplements. Fillers, dyes, and preservatives can be barriers to our healing.

On February 4, Gillian Ehrlich, DNP, ARNP, and Dawn Ipsen, PharmD presented a Zoom webinar and live Q & A on ingredients in medications and supplements for people with allergies, mast cell activation syndrome (MCAS) and sensitivities.

Participants learned:

  • What are excipients or “inactive” ingredients
  • How excipients can affect our health
  • Tips for trying new medications and supplements
  • How to track excipients
  • How your pharmacist can help
  • What is compounding
  • How your doctor can help

“I think there’s a tremendous underappreciation of the potential impact that inactive ingredients may have.”

– Giovanni Traverso, MIT assistant professor and senior author of “Inactive” ingredients in oral medications”

Upcoming webinars

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