At Seattle’s Center for Healing Neurology, our mission is to improve the health and well-being of our patients through integrative medicine by combining the best of evidence-based conventional and complementary neurological care.


Yes, we are open and taking every precaution possible.

We practice integrative neurology, as we believe both conventional and complementary medicine are essential to whole body and brain wellness.



We offer the following recommendations:                  IV Vitamin C, Anti-inflammatory IV formulations, Nutritional guidance for immune support, Peptide therapy for both antiviral activity as well as immune stabilization, IVIG (immunoglobulins for immune stabilization). Call now to schedule.

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Reviews from our patients

“Dr.Ruhoy is an amazing neurologist, who truly listens to her patients. I believe her expertise in the field of neurology, is unmatched. She takes an integrative approach that’s looks at the whole person, a rarity in the area of neurology.”

“I love the way the entire office, from reception room staff to doctors are so welcoming and authentic! Their willingness to explore complimentary modes of health care is also a breath of fresh air!”

“So impressed with Ilene’s approach and her team – she’s always learning and growing and getting out there to learn more and integrate it into her care…I’ve had great results following some food/nutrition paths vs. medication to reduce migraines.”

As featured on New Day Northwest King 5 News


An overview of migraines as seen on New Day Northwest. Suffering from migraines? Learn more about our services >

Chronic Pain & Regenerative Medicine

If you suffer from chronic pain, regenerative medicine may be for you. Watch an overview about regenerative medicine above, or learn more >

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