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Message from our founder, Ilene S. Ruhoy MD, PhD

I started the Center for Healing Neurology 5 years ago because I had an instinct that Neurology was so much more. That instinct cultivated by my own health challenges. It turns out Neurology, OUR Neurology, is everything and all we have. It is our story of who we are, how we move, think, feel, breathe, emote, and what makes us tick. But that story is not yet written and much of our life can be found around the next corner. I wanted to help each story unfold from whatever point I was to join a patient on their journey.

With my collaboration with Gillian Ehrlich, DNP, we have been anchored by the cutting edge and have worked to offer all that we know to help our patients. And help we have. This is what I am most proud of. Gillian is now taking over the clinic to continue the expansion of diagnostic and treatment offerings, while I pivot my focus for opportunities to go deeper, learn more and help more. We are thrilled with our continued collaboration and the healing work we have and will continue to manifest in the world.

We’re hiring!

We are looking for a nurse to join our growing team and support our patients with IV therapy, triage, stem cell processing, ozone administration, hyperbaric oxygen and Vasper treatment and administrative care at our Seattle clinic. Our integrative team is committed to your training and success. 

The position is 32 hours weekly, off on Wednesdays, including benefits and is in a very lively clinical setting. Please send your cover letter and resume to

Serving you during the COVID pandemic

We are currently open because your health doesn’t stop. Our clinic is doing everything in our power to keep you safe: wearing masks, handwashing, wiping down the clinic throughout the day, limiting visitors, and requiring patients to wait in their cars.
Research we love about COVID:
Coming soon!
Treatments we offer & recommend:

  • Emerson supplement protocol
  • IV therapy
  • Stem cells

Plus, learn more about long-haul COVID and how we see and treat it.

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    Reviews from our patients

    “Dr.Ruhoy is an amazing neurologist, who truly listens to her patients. I believe her expertise in the field of neurology, is unmatched. She takes an integrative approach that’s looks at the whole person, a rarity in the area of neurology.”

    “I love the way the entire office, from reception room staff to doctors are so welcoming and authentic! Their willingness to explore complimentary modes of health care is also a breath of fresh air!”

    “So impressed with Ilene’s approach and her team – she’s always learning and growing and getting out there to learn more and integrate it into her care…I’ve had great results following some food/nutrition paths vs. medication to reduce migraines.”