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May 2021 Message from Dr Gillian Ehrlich & the Center for Healing Neurology team

Connective Neurology
What is neurology? Conventionally, it’s the medical silo that addresses disease, illness and degenerative function that occurs within the brain, central and peripheral nervous systems. Our nervous system, however, doesn’t act in a vacuum. Our neurology truly includes all the tissues of the body which sense, process perception and respond with behavior. This behavior might be metabolic (as in the mitochondria, methylation, even in the epigenetic transcription of DNA to RNA the translation from RNA to the protein structures of our body), musculoskeletal, immunological, psychiatric, and within the function of the gut.

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We practice connective neurology. No nerve, tissue or organ stands alone. Ayurveda calls our attention to every cell existing as a center of awareness. These discrete centers link and loop back on each other many iterative times to form the networks that nest our human experience which can be electromagnetically measured to extend way beyond our fingertips.

We welcome each patient as a whole person, as the captain of your ship being sovereign in your Self (see below for the podcast with Acharya Shunya regarding her new book with this title), inclusive of any current state of your body, heart or brain. Nobody escapes unscathed across the lifespan and we are here to support your whole human experience from the neurological perspective using tools and techniques from time immemorial to hot off the research bench.

Our toolbox continues to evolve as the research grows, but our lasting commitment remains from our whole person to your whole health, to walking this journey together, across the arcs of our lifespan.

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Serving you during the COVID pandemic

We are currently open because your health doesn’t stop. Our clinic is doing everything in our power to keep you safe: wearing masks, handwashing, wiping down the clinic throughout the day, limiting visitors, and requiring patients to wait in their cars.
Research we love about COVID:
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Treatments we offer & recommend:

  • Emerson supplement protocol
  • IV therapy
  • Stem cells

Plus, learn more about long-haul COVID and how we see and treat it.

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    Reviews from our patients

    “Dr.Ruhoy is an amazing neurologist, who truly listens to her patients. I believe her expertise in the field of neurology, is unmatched. She takes an integrative approach that’s looks at the whole person, a rarity in the area of neurology.”

    “I love the way the entire office, from reception room staff to doctors are so welcoming and authentic! Their willingness to explore complimentary modes of health care is also a breath of fresh air!”

    “So impressed with Ilene’s approach and her team – she’s always learning and growing and getting out there to learn more and integrate it into her care…I’ve had great results following some food/nutrition paths vs. medication to reduce migraines.”