At Seattle’s Center for Healing Neurology, our mission is to improve the health and well-being of our patients through integrative medicine by combining the best of evidence-based conventional and complementary neurological care.

Your body is unique. Your treatment should be too.

About us

We practice integrative neurology, as we believe both conventional and complementary medicine are essential to whole body and brain wellness. Learn more


We offer a wide range of treatment options and provide guidance on following a headache or migraine treatment and management plan designed specifically for you. Learn more

Regenerative Medicine

The body is continually finding equilibrium between repair and breakdown through constant regenerative processes to counteract the constant turnover of cells. Learn more

Our services

The path to healing integrates the best of all worlds:
Neurology, Integrative and Regenerative Medicine, and Environmental Toxicology

Take two and half days to focus on your health and happiness in a beautiful and peaceful setting just two hours from Seattle, Washington

Adarsha Institute Healthy Living Retreats

You’ll be exposed to fresh, practical, and inspiring content to help you set, or reset, your health goals. You’ll have time to balance mind, body, and spirit while getting to know others who, like you, want to take control of their own health. What you’ll leave with is something you won’t get in a clinic exam room. Experts from the Adarsha Institute will give you a better understanding of your own neurology, gut health, and environment.

Learn more >

As featured on New Day Northwest King 5 News


An overview of migraines as seen on New Day Northwest. Suffering from migraines? Learn more about our services >

Chronic Pain & Regenerative Medicine

If you suffer from chronic pain, regenerative medicine may be for you. Watch an overview about regenerative medicine above, or learn more >

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